Smilecare Children's Plan

This is the most economical children's plan that we offer. It is specifically tailored to the needs of each individual child depending on their risk of decay or dental requirements.

Children (up to the age of 18) who sign up receive a comprehensive dental assessment and on-going dental and dietary advice to maintain a healthy smile throughout life. Membership is through a simple discounted monthly payment plan.

What's included:


  • Comprehensive dental examinations
  • Radiographs as necessary
  • Detection of decay and gum problems
  • Dietary analysis
  • Risk analysis

Oral hygiene instruction with the hygienist/dental therapist:

  • Full plaque disclosure
  • Instruction on tooth brushing and flossing
  • Comprehensive nutrition and dietary advice
  • Saliva testing if necessary
  • Provision of maintenance protocols

Preventative treatment

  • Fluoride treatments and fissure sealants as necessary

Interceptive Orthodontics

  • Sometimes starting orthodontic treatment at an early age will make the outcome that much better and easier to attain. We will arrange for free orthodontic assessments when necessary.

Discounts on treatment procedures

  • 50% discount on all filling costs
  • 10% off orthodontic treatment costs (To be eligible for this discount a minimum of a year's membership of the plan is required)


Insurance is included with all plans

Providing Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Callout Insurance, to give you peace of mind. Some of the benefits (subject to change) are:

  • Dental Trauma: Limit - £10,000
  • Dental Trauma: Excess External - £25, Internal - £125
  • Emergency Callout: Limit - £120 (up to £320 overseas)
  • Emergency Callout: Excess - £25
  • Hospitalisation: £50 per day after first day
  • Facial Scarring: £50 to £500







  • Redundancy Protection: dental plan fees paid (maximum £15 per month for a single plan or maximum of £60 per month for multiple plan payments on behalf of plan member and financial dependants) for up to one year from the 31st day of unemployment. Not applicable to RIS.
  • Oral Cancer: £2,500 upon diagnosis (effective after first 90 days of joining the plan).

The current full terms and conditions are detailed in the Smilecare Dental Plan agreement, which is available from reception.


How much does it cost?

Smilecare Children's Plan costs £7.25 per month.

Childrens Dental plans available at Smilecare Dental Centre