Amalgam fillings

Silver fillings are made of amalgam – a mixture of mercury with silver, tin and sometimes copper. Amalgam fillings have a long successful history and can last for a considerable time. Amalgam fillings can darken teeth. There is no scientific evidence supporting the statement that amalgam fillings contribute to poor health.

In teeth with very large silver mercury fillings there is an increased risk of tooth fracture. Amalgam fillings do not add to the strength of a tooth. The tooth is essentially as strong as the remaining tooth structure. In these heavily filled teeth the unprotected parts of the teeth are prone to breaking away. It is often necessary to further protect these teeth by means of crowns or inlays.

What to expect.

It would take 24 hours after applying the amalgam filling to set the teeth sufficiently to withstand chewing pressures. In this period, you should refrain from chewing with the new fillings, drinking too hot or too cold liquds and foods for a few days. Unfortunatelly, in a few especial cases, the cavities are deep and near the teeth’s nerve that we could not apply amalgam fillings. For these situations, we suggest to take root canal therapy.

If your mouth gets numb after the placement and you could not chew or bite correctly as you wish, AVA Dental Centre would adjust it for free until you feel sastified with our treatment.

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Amalgam / Silver fillings treatments in West Sussex