Implant maintenance plan

Althought dental implants are intended to last for a lifetime, there are still some surgical procedure failures. Sometimes constant usage components can get loosen or sometime get broken unwillingly.

All of our implants and components have a guarantee for one year after completing the treatment. If something happen, we would re-check and restore the implant for you without no extra fee. If you do not want to have services at AVA Dental Centre due to that failure dental case, we would refund al the fees relating to the implants and components (not the checking and treatment fees or other related services fees)

Your peace of mind

As our dentist recommend, you should have dental checking once every year to minimum the risk of getting your implants or crowns broken so that you could fix or replace them in time. That is our Implant Maintainance Plan.

For a small monthly fee, you will be offer services and extra treatment for free when your implants or crowns get worse.

The monthly Implant Maintenance Plan fees are:


Number of Implants
Monthly Fee
One denture on 2-6 implants
Two dentures on 4-6+ implants


What are you paying for?

You are paying for treatments relating to services of dental implants and components. This includes:

  • Assessment costs
  • Radiographs
  • Temporary restorations
  • Replace implants and components fee
  • Surgery costs and surgical disposable items
  • Clinical time in the case of denture relines or adjustments. You will be responsible for all the dental laboratory costs involved with dentures. The supporting bone and gums under dentures changes with time and relines are occasionally required as a normal course of events.


What you do not have to pay

  • Damage due to external trauma.
  • Failure due to oral hygiene neglect, smoking, and/or alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Failure due to medical conditions, e.g. diabetes, or the treatments for those conditions, e.g. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, medical drugs.
  • Treatment for 'normal wear and tear'.
  • Treatment for any problem that was identified as an increased or probable risk at the time of implant placement.
  • Treatment for cosmetic reasons.
  • Payment for our dentists or specialist practitioners..
A crawley dentist maintenance plan