Sports mouthguards

Dental injuries are the commonest type of orofacial injury sustained during participation in sports. In the UK an estimated 6,000 sports playing 15-year-olds suffer dental injuries each year because they don't wear protective mouth guards. This costs over 1 million annually in repairing this dental damage. The long term cost to the children is much greater in terms of pain, suffering, and years of advanced dental treatment.

Anyone engaged in contact sports should use a well-made mouthguard to reduce the risk of injury to teeth, bone, and lips, and also reduce the serious risk of concussion. Certain sports governing bodies (e.g. the British Boxing Board of Control, the Rugby Union and the British Sports Council) make the wearing of mouthguards compulsory for certain of their competitor groups. These bodies also strongly recommend that such mouthguards should be properly fitted by a dental practitioner, so that they are made to CE European Quality Mark and Medical Device Agency standards.

We advise that all players wear a mouthguard during any contact sport, or any sport where there is a significant chance of accidental facial or dental injury (e.g. squash, competitive cycling, soccer, basketball). It has been shown that the wearing of accurately fitting mouthguards significantly reduces the incident of dental injuries, or reduces the severity of any injuries.

A mouthguard is a flexible appliance made out of polyvinylacetate and polyethylene plastic. When a mouthguard is made, the dentist takes an impression of the upper and lower teeth. A dental laboratory makes stone models from the impressions and then makes the mouthguard.

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Mouthguards can be made in almost any colour combination or pattern. Sports mouthguards can be custom made to your team's colours or stripe. We can also add your teams logo or mascot. An identification label can be permanently sealed into the mouthguard when it is made, to help in case of loss. Mouthguards also come in various strengths, according to the level of risk involved in the sport. A light mouthguard can be used for low-risk sports such as basketball, while a heavy-pro mouthguard is needed for high-risk sports such as boxing.

A custom-made mouthguard will provide a better fit and be more comfortable to wear than the fit-it-yourself mouthguards sold in sports shops, as well as being more likely to stay in place on impact. A better fit will also ensure that breathing is not inhibited. Studies have shown that these boil n bite mouthguards are not effective. Use of them may invalidate any injury insurance cover.

Schools and Clubs

We at Smilecare can attend your school or club for the taking of impressions for new sports mouthguards. We can also provide all the information brochures and literature for schools and clubs to send out to their pupils and players.

Once the orders are received, we will arrange a date and time for one of our dental teams, always including a dentist and a qualified and registered dental nurse, to attend the school or club to take impressions.

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