Straight teeth - beautiful smile

With the new appearance of modern cosmetic braces, more and more adults are choosing orthodontic treatment including “invisible” removable plastic aligners or color fixed braces.

The techniques have developed rapidly resulting in low friction braces. These braces can align the teeth more quickly and easily without extraction for most of cases even when patients have crowding problems.

Braces can be placed on the back of the teeth to hide the appliance from view.

We have a wide range of braces that can fit your budget and your cosmetic expectations.

At your consultation, we would assessed your needs then discuss the benefits and costs for each kind of treatments

Metal braces

They are traditional ‘train track” braces. They work quite effectively with minor disadvantages that they are quite noticeable and general, metal brace is still the most affordable treatment.

Low friction braces

This is the most advanced technique in dental orthodontics. These braces are half metal, half clear plastic (or completely clear plastic) and their brackets are small and unnoticable. Low friction components allow the teeth to digest eaisily and low friction braces structures don’t use elastic bands for easy cleaning and wearing appliance. One of the biggest advantage of low friction braces is long lasting leading to less maintenance.

Straight teeth with a variety of braces at a Crawley Dentist