Frequently Asked Questions about dental treatments


Crowns are not worth it, as my friends tell me that crowns always fall out?

We hear this one all the time! Crowns only fall out if they are not made accurately enough to fit the remaining tooth properly. This is attention to detail by the dentist and the technician. We always work with magnification to ensure the accuracy of fit that we demand. So do all of our technicians who take the time and care necessary to fabricate crowns of high quality. If one of our permanently cemented crowns falls off, we'll give you a bottle of Champagne. Don't bank on it though; it doesn't happen very often!

Are root canal treatments painful?

Root canal treatments are never painful during the procedure. We will always ensure that the treatment is comfortable. Some (less than 10% of cases) can be painful following treatment, but the pain is usually well controlled by analgesics like paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Do all root treatments work?

The short answer is no. If a tooth canal has become infected the success rate is lowered. Infected teeth have a success rate of approximately 65%, whereas uninfected teeth have a success rate of 95% and above. We use advanced procedures including microscopy to give the best chance of a successful outcome. If the infection comes back the treatment can be repeated.

Why does a tooth with root canal treatment require a crown?

Drilling into the tooth to carry out root canal treatment, coupled with the fact that it may already have large fillings, substantially weakens the tooth, leaving it prone to fracturing on chewing. Often the best way to protect the tooth is to provide the security of a crown.


If I do not have any treatment during a year will I still be better off with a Dental Plan?

The inclusive treatments for both plans include two examinations, two small radiographs, and two visits to the hygienist with Prophy-jet cleaning if needed. Practice Plan will save you £36.60 per year. For Denplan Care it depends on your individual Band; a Band A patient would save £83.40 per year. Band D and E patients would spend more, but obviously would save if any fillings, root canal treatments, or crowns were needed. (2013 prices).

What guarantees do you provide?

We are one of very few practices that guarantee our work for substantial periods. For further information please click here.

Why should I choose Smilecare when I can get the same at an NHS practice?

We feel that we provide the type and quality of service that can only be delivered with substantial investment in specialised equipment, advanced skill training and utilisation of the most experienced and dedicated staff and technicians. This is beyond the scope and resources of most ordinary dental practices.

Why is dentistry so expensive?

Good dentistry is an investment in your future and your health. Having treatment carried out to the highest standards involves higher skills, may take a longer time, and utilises the latest materials and equipment. It may seem costly at the onset but, like most other purchases in life, quality is never the cheaper option.

I have had a treatment plan at another dentist. Do you offer second opinions?

Yes – we are very happy to give you our assessment of your treatment needs.

Who is Bertie?

Bertie is our practice mascot.