Our trusted links to help you get more information


American Dental Association

Extensive US website, lots of useful oral health info.

Ask Your Dentist

Comprehensive information on different dental treatments and solutions to problems.

Association of Dental Implantology UK

Useful site on all aspects of dental implants.

Tooth Whitening

Useful site with lots of information on safe tooth whitening. Gives advice on what materials to avoid and that only a dental professional can legally carry out the treatment.

British Dental Association

The BDA have prepared fact files to provide information on various dental subjects. There is also a section, BDA 3D Mouth, which is fun and educational for children.

British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF)

Promoting the benefits of achieving and maintaining the highest standards of dental health.

British Fluoridation Society

The aim of the British Fluoridation Society is to promote the improvement of dental health by securing the optimum fluoride content of water supplies.

British Orthodontic Society

General information on Orthodontics. Everything you wanted to know about having your teeth straightened.


British Society for Disability and Oral Health

A professional society but welcomes contact from disabled people or their carers who have experienced difficulty in obtaining dental care.


Information on dental plans for adults and children from Denplan.

Dental anxiety & phobias

If you suffer from, or have friends or relatives who suffer from dental fear, phobia or anxiety take a look at these websites: www.dentalphobia.co.uk, www.dentalfearcentral.org, and www.nomorepanic.co.uk.


More information on dental implants.

General Dental Council

The regulatory body of the dental profession.

NHS Direct

Health and advice from the Department of Health.

Orthodontic information page

Helpful Information for Orthodontic patients, their parents, and dental professionals. Particularly helpful for teenagers about to undergo treatment.

Pet Dental

Pets need dentists too!