Who needs implants?

Most people with missing teeth should consider to take implant treatment. If one or a few teeth are missing, dental implants would use a crown or bridge to replace those teeth without lossing more bones. If you lost all or almost your teeth, the dental implants might offer you a loose fitting full or partial denture. Dentures might be secured by implants.

Sometimes you could not take dental treatment due to poor oral health. If your oral health is still good enough to have a tooth extracted, you probably could receive dental implants. Some common chronic diseases such as diabetes, due to heavily smoking and drinking alcohol, might prevent implant treatment.


An implant has to be placed into a healthy bone in the jaw, and this bone should be strong enough to support the implant. However, sometime implants could not prescribed the wound when it lost a lot of teeth. With bone augmentation procedures, the missing bone could be built up by surgical procedures. Patients need to keep the gum healthy and avoid all periodontal diseases, maintain oral hygiene well for implant treatment preparation.

Occasionally, the old patients express their wonder if at their age, they could enjoy benefits of dental implants offering or not. In fact, this is not a specific contraindication in itself, since health factor is important than age.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry, Crawley

Did you know?


The earliest envidence of a dental implant has been found in jawbone from Maya civilization, it was about 1350 years ago! These implants were made from sea shells.

Modern titanium implants were first used from 1950s. Since then millions of patients have used dental implants all over the world which makes dental implants become one of the most successful procedures in dentistry.