Babies & children

It is important for a child to develop good habits in caring for teeth. The earlier this is achieved the better. If early dental decay is prevented, the childs appreciation and experience of going to the dentist will be a positive and enjoyable one.

We at AVA Dental Centre work exceptionally hard to achieve excellent results with children. We try to make them feel comfortable and we always make the visit friendly. We never force treatment on a child. In the few cases where dental treatment is required and the child is very apprehensive, we have arrangements by referral for their care under safe sedation techniques. We can also arrange general anaesthetic sessions if required.

We like to see and register young children as soon as possible. At the beginning, it may just be a getting to know you affair with perhaps a ride on the dental chair sitting on mums lap. As confidence builds, we will then provide more comprehensive dental examinations.

We will examine the mouth and teeth and check their development. We will give preventative dental advice. This will include advice on tooth cleaning techniques, what toothpastes to use, whether fluoride supplements should be taken, what constitutes a good diet, and why it is important to regularly see a dentist for check-ups.

We try to allocate specific times for children to be seen so they will feel comfortable amongst their friends.


Dentistry for Babies and Children available in West Sussex