Dental implants - a revolution in dentistry

At AVA Dental Centre, our philosophy is offering our patients the very best dental treatment alternatives based on proven scientific studies. Dental implant treatment allow us to replace the missing teeth successfully without damaging other healthy teeth during the process.

Dental implants were first operated in patients over thirty years ago. This treatment has been used more extensively recently in the UK and more and more dentists prefer this form of treatment.

We have assembled a well-trained experienced team, including dentists, specialists, consultants and registered dental nurses, to provide the best treatments. We could handle from a simple tooth implant case to complicated full mouth rehabilitation cases. We also use implants from three most quality manufacturing companies to offer a wide range of choices to meet patients’ needs.
Most of our patients are treated in private AVA Center. For some exceptional complicated case, we have access to local private hospital so that our dentists could carry out the treatment under general anaesthesia.



"Having dental implants enabled me to get rid of my denture, and has totally transformed my life!"

Mr DL, Copthorne, West Sussex



Free initial consultation

In order to present to patients the whole idea of dental implant requirements such as the cost or process, we offer a completely free no-obligation initia consultation.
Please contact our receptionist and register for a free appointment of dental implant consultation.
We look forward to seeing you.


Implant dentistry available in Crawley, West Sussex