Treatment equipment

Dental magnification systems

Working without magnification, is like working in the dark!

AVA Centre is one of a relatively small number of general dental practices to have this facility. We have installed high-powered operating microscopes in each and every treatment room. We consider the ability to work under these conditions an absolute must for providing precision dentistry in the fields of root canal therapy and microsurgical dentistry.

With the magnification ranging from low power for an ultra wide field of view, to very high power for ultra close inspection, we are able to cover all the unique dental applications that ideally need to be carried out under magnification.

Air abrasion

We always attempt to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as is possible when removing decay. Microdentistry, incorporating Air Abrasion, allows us to remove decayed tooth structure in a gentle and painless way without using a dental drill in most cases.

DualSelect dispensing system

This DualSelect Dispensing System offers us the choice of using various different medicaments when carrying out scaling and polishing, or filling root canals.


Prophy-Jet and ultrasonic scaling

As part of our preventative and cosmetic treatment programs, we have installed some ofthe most efficient teeth cleaning systems available. These machines gently and smoothly remove any scale from your teeth, leaving them feeling clean and fresh.

We are also able to offer Prophy-Jet tooth surface cleaning. This is an air polishing system which removes stains on the outside of teeth. It also removes any dental plaque and soft deposits, while, at the same time polishing tooth surfaces. This technique can often improve the look of old discoloured fillings, saving the need for having them

Dental laser equipment

Through our association with a dental laser clinic, we are able to offer treatment with the highly advanced Er:YAG, CO2 and Diode dental lasers. The soft, quiet, quick, and vibration-free operation removes most of the objections that patients have about drill-dentistry. The other advantages are that dental laser techniques are very accurate and allow for minimally invasive dentistry, which in most cases means virtually painless treatment. Lasers can be used for sterilisation in root canal therapy, tooth bleaching, destruction of bacteria in gum treatment, gum surgery and removal of decay, to name but a few.


Computerised shade mapping

The artistry in dentistry is to mimic nature and sometimes even to improve on it. Creating beautiful harmonious smiles needs exceptional skills in identifying and copying the health and vitality of natural teeth. This can be very difficult and is often unsuccessful, judging by how often one notices mismatched crowns in the mouths of other people.

We have harnessed technology to help us get the cosmetic excellence that we promise our patients. Computerised shade mapping of teeth allows for precise and objective shade analysis. This allows the technician to apply custom shades to a tooth in some cases we have needed to use over 20 different colour shades to achieve the desired result.

Kavo HealOzone®

This is a completely painless way to remove the bacteria that infect teeth and the gums. There absolutely no sensation as the ozone gently bathes the infected area. In less than a minute, 99.9% of the bacteria are killed. We can also use this technique in root canal therapy to eliminate the bacteria that cause painful tooth abscesses.

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