General equipment

In addition to the specialised dental equipment that has been listed, the practice has very advanced general dental equipment.

For cross infection control, we have electronic ultrasonic cleaning and disinfecting baths, and microchip controlled autoclaves for the complete sterilisation of all non-disposable dental instruments.

During our root canal therapy treatment, we use dedicated motors to achieve faster and easier root canal preparations when using the latest nickle-titanium files. Lengths of tooth root canals can be determined to an accuracy of 0.1mm by using locators; this reduces substantially the number of x-rays that have to be taken. We also use specialised machines for thermoplastic filling techniques to ensure excellent success rates.

All the treatment rooms have units to which we can attach fibreoptic dental drills for improved visualisation. We also have articulating machines for our dental technicians to use in complex crown and bridge cases.

For our implantology and surgical procedures, we have the latest electronic motors with precision torque indicators, combined with peristaltic saline pumps. We have imported specialised internally irrigated drills to further improve our success rates.

For your comfort we have installed a dental chair which has a back massage facility; whilst you are enjoying this, why not also watch a movie with our 3D video-glasses?

In terms of equipment and technology, you can be assured that we will always be up-to-date. Excellence in dentistry cannot be achieved with anything less.

All our treatment rooms have microscopes
to ensure the highest standard of work.
General Dental Equipment at a Crawley dentist