Diagnostic equipment

Intraoral camera

All the dentists have access to Intraoral Cameras. A small wand-like camera can be placed over a tooth and the image displayed on an overhead monitor. This makes it easy for you to see any problems, and the results of our treatments.

Digital computer imaging

By using the latest high-definition digital cameras we can take close-up pictures of your teeth. These images are then wirelessly downloaded to computers. In specialised graphics programs we can adjust and change the look of your teeth. Colours, shapes, tooth positions and replacement teeth can be manipulated to show you the potential outcome of suggested treatment. This technique is especially useful where cosmetic changes are being considered. The images can be printed as hard copies or emailed to our dental laboratories so that the technicians have immediate visual knowledge of the case.

We also have a dedicated photographic studio for our 'before and after' shots.

Microplaque microscope

This amazing dental microbiological microscope magnifies plaque samples by over 4000 times! The images of real live bacteria moving about are great fun for children to see, and are very helpful in promoting good tooth brushing habits.

Microbiologiec microscopes show Microplaque

Specialist dental diagnostic equipment available


Florida probe

The Florida Probe System has been introduced into the practice by our specialist periodontal dental surgeon. This state of the art system from the USA allows the periodontist to very accurately record all the parameters used in a periodontal dental examination.

Over 500 separate measurements and observations may need to be taken in a full periodontal examination. This information needs to be recorded and used at a later stage to assess the degree of disease resolution. The Florida Probe System allows us to quickly store all this information into a computer database, and when needed, to compare any modality in an easy to understand graphical output.

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

CBCTWe have recently become one of very few practices in the country to offer CBCT facilities. The installation of the £100,000 CBCT x-ray machine allows us to image structures in true 3D allowing for vastly improved diagnostic accuracy. This type of scanning is a faster and safer version of regular CT scanning as is carried out in large hospitals, with radiation dosages reduced by up to 98%. The resolution is in the order of 0.4mm which makes it very useful when critical distances need to be identified. We use CBCT mostly for our dental implant cases, but it is proving very useful in orthodontics (braces), periodontics (gum disease treatment), and endodontics (root canal treatment).


X-ray facilities

AVA Dental Centre has the latest wireless digital X-ray machines. This provides for low dosage high-resolution images – up to 80% less radiation than traditional film X-rays. And they are instantly available. Your treatment requirements can be determined accurately and quickly.

Every treatment room has an independent x-ray machine. This means that radiographs can be taken during the actual treatment to facilitate successful outcomes, especially in root canal therapy and advanced implantology cases.

An orthopantographic x-ray machine allows us to visualise all of the teeth and surrounding structures on one film. Again this reduces exposure to radiation (less individual small radiographs are needed) and is very useful in evaluating tooth development in children and in dental implant cases. We also have specialised X-ray machines for use in orthodontic cases.

KaVo DIAGNOdent®

The KaVo DIAGNOdent works by a soft laser fluorescence method that identifies diseased and decayed tooth structure that cannot be seen visually or even on radiographs. It detects even the smallest lesions allowing us to institute early measures to restore the tooth to health without the need for fillings. There's no probing, no scraping and no damage to healthy dental substance.